Frequently Asked Questions

Referral Code is 10% discount code that Jcourses provide to students, and students can apply this code when they are purchasing courses. Students can receive a referral code from CLA partner agencies.

Cashback Promotion is a benefit Jcourses is offering to our students in order to encourage them in their studies. When students who are currently studying in schools in B.C. prove that their grades have gone up (ex. C+ to B, B to A-) after taking Jcourses by providing their school report card, we give them back 50% of the course fee students have already paid in points. Students can use these points when purchasing other courses.

Bundle is a package of a few courses put together as a promotion. You can purchase courses at a lower price by purchasing bundles.

Yes, but courses in bundles are not available in single during the promotion period. Individual courses that are newly released in August will be for sale individually. English courses in bundles will also be available individually later.

CLA 100 program is an offline course currently offered in Vancouver. If you are interested in CLA 100 program, please visit CLA Education website ( for more information, or contact CLA Education Vancouver Office.

All of our courses have a free orientation and a free first lesson video, which are available to everyone who visits. Students can take as much time as they want with these videos before deciding to purchase a course, so once students make a purchase, there is no refund. Also, our system does not save students’ credit card information, and returning students need to put in their credit card information every time they purchase a new course. We believe this prevents unwanted or unintended purchases. If you have further inquiries, please contact Jcourses staff.